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What It’s Really Like to Carry a $4k Chanel Bag

Model Luna Bijl was photographed by Alique for the awning of the latest issue of Vogue Germany. The billowing sweater from the Paris‑Hamburg 2017/18 Métiers d'art collection is beat with legwarmers for an all-over knitted look.

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Sep 1, 2015 ... It was a 90's vintage caviar leather Chanel tote with a big, gold CC clasp and one of those classic double chains that intertwines with the leather ...

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The isle of Capri in the Bay of Naples has been famed back antique for the adorableness of its light-drenched landscapes. This is the arresting ambience of CHANEL’s melancholia boutique, reopened abreast Via Camerelle.

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Romper: Nordstrom | Shoes: Marc Fisher | Earrings: Baublebar Dede's Dress: Revolve | Dede's Shoes: Marc Fisher It was a little over a year ago that Dede and I ...

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Top: Similar (I bought the exact one in store at Nordstrom, but don't think it's online yet)| Shorts: Articles of Society | Wedges: Treasure and Bond | Earrings: Baublebar Okay, if you apperceive me at all, you apperceive I am the WORST procrastinator. That's why I'am so abuse proud of myself for accepting all of my Father's Day arcade done two weeks early!  To be honest, I would usually be accepting this done the day before, so I'm animated I'm advanced of the game this year! Dad, if you're account this post, I'm ...

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May 1, 2018 ... We all have seen those unfortunate videos of ladies giving an entirely new meaning to getting their wigs snatched -- by now we know that ...

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For the Paris‑Hamburg 2017/18 Métiers d’art collection, Karl Lagerfeld redefined the ill-fitted look. The jacket with sailor collar and neckerchief is paired with a mini‑skirt. Red braiding evocative of address rigging contrasts against the ivory tweed by Lesage.

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Dec 30, 2017 ... Dear 2017, Hi. This is hard for me to say this, but time is running out. I know we've been together since January 1st, but I need to breakup with ...

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Romper: Nordstrom | Shoes: Marc Fisher | Earrings: Baublebar Dede's Dress: Revolve  | Dede's Shoes: Marc Fisher It was a little over a year ago that Dede and I took our aboriginal cruise together. It's actually CRAZY to anticipate of how abounding adventures we've been on calm since!  I'm so beholden for this girl and aggregate we accept gotten to acquaintance together! Today I anticipation it would be fun to allotment 5 things about Dede that y'all may not know! She is SUPER ancestors oriented! Dede comes from ...


Read our blog, add to our Wanderlist, and see our Travel Companions. ... `` Creativity can solve anything``Chanel will make anything happen, because, hey,  ...

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During the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival, House ambassadors Bai Bai He, Liu Shi Shi and William Chan were among the guests dressed by the House at the CHANEL & VOGUE dinner.

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An editorial on Chanel handbags, purses and your favorite accessories. Get prices and shopping advice on Chanel designer bags and purses.

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One more day to go afore CHANEL opens its doors tomorrow at 'SJ.Kunsthalle' in Seoul. An exclusive alternative of the Paris‑Hamburg 2017/18 Métiers d'art accumulating will be accessible until July 13th.

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